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The CANobserver® is a diagnosis device which is used for physical and logical long-term monitoring of CAN bus systems and has been designed as a stationary supplement to the CAN-Bus Tester 2. The CANobserver® is permanently implemented into the network, continuously monitors the data transfer and records it automatically for a period of up to ten years. On the basis of the physical properties of the CAN-Bus it recognizes system errors right in time and reports them immediately to the plant operator.

A slowly deteriorating signal quality can be detected in good time to avoid expensive system standstills. The CANobserver® is a unique device which ensures status-oriented maintenance. VDI/VDE has recognized this necessity as well. The new guideline 2184, published in 2007, explains how plant operators can guarantee reliable functioning and maintenance of their field bus systems.

One device fits all requirements for CAN bus diagnosis.

The CANtouch® sets with its functionality and the user-friendly interface, a new benchmark in the physical and logical analysis of CAN bus plants. 
Comparable to a smartphone, the CANtouch has a managable size and intuitive touchscreen. Mobile and flexible use is possible due batterie power.See for yourself...


The CANtouch® is an universal diagnosis tool for the start up, analysis, monitoring, troubleshooting and service/maintenance of CAN bus systems:

· Latest measuring functions with easy and intuitive touchscreen operations

· Physical and logical analysis for determining the quality of the CAN networks

· Measuring of Common-Mode-Voltage

· Mobile and ready for use

· Connect - switch on - measure -without PC

· Simplified evaluation system using a combination of traffic lights and smileys

By the developers of CAN-Bus Tester - market leader world-wide




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